Video Wayang golek Jabar

Video Wayang golek Jabar

Java Shadow puppets Story online Video

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Java Indonesian Shadow Puppets History Museum

Java shadow puppetBuilding Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum) was built on the location of an old church that was established VOC in the year 1640 with the name "de Oude Hollandsche Kerk". This church serves as a place of worship for civilians and soldiers berkebangsaan Netherlands until the year 1732. in the year 1733 a church building repairs and changed its name to "de Nieuwe Hollandsche Kerk".

Buildings remain standing until the year 1808 until the earthquake occurrence in the church building to be heavily damaged. Then the location of the former church building, built as it is initially working as a warehouse, owned by the company Geo Wehry & Co.. Initially the face of the museum was built with the Wayang style Neo Reinaissance in 1912, and then the year 1938 throughout the building restored and adapted to the Dutch style house on time kompeni.Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum) save the puppet collection that came from various regions in Indonesia and abroad. The idea to establish the Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum) was the Governor of DKI Jakarta, H. Ali Sadikin attend weekend puppet museum (Museum Shadow Puppets) II in 1974.

With the steering committee last puppet museum (Museum Shadow Puppets) II, the puppet lover, the governor and the government of Jakarta, then ditetapkanlah building on Jalan Pintu Besar Utara No.. 27 West Jakarta become Wayang Museum (Museum Shadow Puppets). Inauguration pembukaannya on August 13 1975 done by the governor of DKI Jakarta H. Ali Sadikin.

Building History Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum)

In the former church building pages Netherlands, which now opens into the garden room Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum) is estimated as the graves of Governor General Jan Pieterszoon Coen.

Collection Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum)
Collection Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum) is very diverse in form shadowgraph archipelago such as Indonesia Kedu, Tejokusuman, Ngabean, Surakarta, Banyumas, Cirebon, Gedog, Sadat, Madia Krucil, Sasak, moth, Revelation, Kijang Kencana, Measure, torch, Klitik, Beber. Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum) has a rare collection of wayang puppets such as Intan, Suket puppet, puppet Beber, puppet Revolution.

In addition to wayang kulit, Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum) has a collection of puppet Golek, such as: Chess, smacking Cirebon, Kebumen, Pekalongan, Bandung, Gundala-gundala Tanah Karo's, and the Gale-gale from the Batak area. Collections in the puppet show puppet museum (Museum Shadow Puppets) is in the size of large and small. In addition to the collection and the leather puppet puppet show, there are also collections of masks that come from Cirebon, Bali and Central Java. Also be on display device gamelan, Blencong lamp, glass puppets, Wayang Seng, and paintings. Collection Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum), which comes from overseas whom came from Kelantan, Malaysia, Suriname, French, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, United States, China, Colombia and Thailand.

Masterpiece work of World Heritage
Date 7 November 2003, the United Nations (UN) recognizes that the Indonesian Wayang masterpiece is the work of world heritage. Therefore when a visit to Jakarta, enter the Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum) as a list of interesting places to visit are required.
Location and Hours Open
Address: Jl. Pintu Besar Utara No.. 27 West Jakarta, Indonesia. Tel. (021) 6929560,
Fax. (021) 6927289

Hours Open:

* Tuesday s.d Sunday: 09.00 - 15.00 Wib

* Monday, or on the Great: Close

Tips Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum)

* Periodically Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum) Pagelaran a puppet on a Sunday II, III, and the last Sunday of each month, at 10.00 - 14:00 Wib.

* Location Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum) is located around the park Fatahillah, close to the Jakarta History Museum and the Museum of Visual Arts and Ceramics, which is also interesting to visit.

* Location Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum) is located in the Old City of Jakarta who was famous as the Batavia. There are still many buildings around the relic Batavia museums, such as the Red Store, Kota Intan Bridge, Batavia Hotel, Museum Bahari, Menara Syahbandar, Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa.

* Bank Mandiri Museum and the Museum of Bank Indonesia is located exactly opposite the Busway station or about 300 meters from the Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum), visit this museum if you are interested in the history of money and banking in Indonesia. Also do not miss to visit the station to enjoy the city's unique buildings in the station and see the activity in the station.

* To reach the Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum) can use a taxi or public vehicles such as the Busway. When using the Busway, Busway corridor use the one-way Blok M - Kota. You get off at the station of which is the last station of the route corridor. From the station to the location of the museum puppet (Shadow Puppets Museum) about 300 meters and can be within walking or bicycle use motorcycles.


In the Wayang has a ksatria.BRAJAMUSTI is the son of five-to Prabu Arimbaka, the king of the giant state Pringgandani with Dewi Hadimba. He had seven siblings named; Arimba / Hidimba, Dewi Arimbi, Arya Prabakesa, Brajadenta, Brajalamatan, Brajawikalpa and Kalabendana.

Resi Woro Bhisma

Resi Woro Bhisma Legenda is Available destiny gods, Bhisma was very long. Moreover, he also inherited from his father Swasshandamarana Aji, Aji which have Swasshandamarana, the Bisma akan live in a world very long. Bhisma living in a period of seven kingdoms Astina time since his father's government, Sentanu Prabu and Prabu Citranggada, Prabu Wicitrawirya, Prabu krena Dwipayana, Prabu Pandudewanata, Drestarastra Prabu and Prabu Duryudana last.

Wayang Togog

He is Togog wayang from Central Java At the time kadewatan told Sanghyang handed a contest to choose the ruler kahyangan from the third seed Bathara Antaga (Togog), Bathara Ismaya (Semar) and Bathara Manikmaya (Bathara Teacher).

Dalang Ki warseno slank is the good traditional artist

He is Ki Warseno Slenk or slank, full name is Warseno Harjodarsono. Venter brother Ki Anom Suroto born in Klaten this date 18 June 1965. He is the son of Ki Harjodarsonodalang noise from Klaten around 1950 until 1970-an.
Skills in mendalang inherited from the father. Manipulator young graduates S-2 UGM Sciences Government departments are also noted as a student STISI Surakarta (now ISI Surakarta) for two semesters.